Conservation Success Story

The endangered whooping crane represents one of the most well-known conservation stories in the United States.

Habitat loss and unregulated hunting reduced the crane’s numbers from an estimated 10,000 before European settlement of North America to about 1,300 by 1870. By the 1940s, there were fewer than 20 birds in the wild. Since then, public awareness and intensive international conservation efforts have rescued the bird from the brink of extinction.

Today there are close to 800 whooping cranes, an estimated 500 of which are in the flock that winters here in the Coastal Bend. These winter whooper wings are truly a welcome sight to behold.

Whooping Cranes on the Texas Coast – An Important Key to Their Recovery

This webinar — produced by the International Crane Foundation — features Director of North America Programs, Liz Smith, and Land and Water Conservation Director, Terry Turney. (Dec. 11, 2020)

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