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Whooping Crane Update from Dr. Wade Harrell, U.S. Whooping Crane Recovery Coordinator.

Whooping crane migration is well underway, with reports of birds still in Canada and a few arrivals here at Aransas. Overall, it appears migration may be a bit delayed this year. Mark Bidwell, whooping crane coordinator for the Canadian Wildlife Service, reported seeing whooping cranes still at Wood Buffalo National Park the last week in October with some snow already accumulating. Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas, a traditional migration stopover location, reported their first whooping crane arrival on October 24. We had our first confirmed arrival at Aransas on October 16.

Included in the Report

  • Whooping Cranes on the Refuge
  • Texas Whooper Watch
  • New Signs at Area Boat Ramps
  • Tracking Efforts
  • Winter 2013-1014 Whooping Crane Research & Monitoring Initiatives
  • Food Abundance
  • Precipitation/Salinity